5 Common Seasonings for the Witch's Kitchen

The magickal thing about kitchens is that they're so versatile, including the herbs and spices in your pantry. Believe it or not, a lot of seasonings that you regularly have on hand to use probably have all the magickal properties you need to cast a plethora of spells!

Our resident kitchen witch is sharing 5 everyday seasonings that can be found in just about any witch’s kitchen pantry that can also be used in your spellwork. Grab those measuring spoons and tie on that apron - let’s get witchy in the kitchy!

Black Pepper

This handy spice goes with just about any flavor profile, especially in savory dishes. Packed full of protection energy, black pepper can be added to a meal such as scrambled eggs or tofu and eaten for breakfast so that you start your day off encompassed in a shield of protection from negative influences. Black pepper is also associated with the element of fire so it can also be used to increase the passion and motivation behind your intentions.


If you don’t like garlic, we can’t be friends. Kidding! For those of you that do like garlic you probably have a bottle of garlic powder sitting in your spice cabinet right now. And man oh man, can you use it on just about any dinner! Garlic mashed potatoes, garlic in soup, garlic toast, garlic on all the things! Aside from its tastiness, garlic also wards off negative energy - hence where the whole ‘vampires hate garlic’ myth came from. Adding garlic powder to a dish is an easy way to do some protective kitchen magick.


Even though they make us cry when we chop them, onions are actually brimming with amazing energy. Onions are often used in prosperity magick. They are also another great source for protection and absorbs any negative energy it comes in contact with making it a wonderful tool in energy healing. Onion powder adds a unique flavor to all dishes making it a very versatile spice to have on hand. You can add it to a soup or even a pasta dish to enhance both flavor and magickal properties!


Salt is an amazing mineral that can go on just about anything. Think about it -- it even goes on chocolate. That's how versatile and awe-inspiring this super mineral is. Salt is a seasoning that actually helps to enhance all types of flavors, both savory and sweet. It's a direct correspondence of the earth element making it a great ingredient for cleansing or purifying energy fields. Adding a little salt to your food is a great way to aid in prosperity spells, too!


Yep, even sugar serves a purpose in magick. It's said to help ‘sweeten’ the success of spells, making it a great addition to any type of spellwork. Sometimes used in love spells, it can also help to increase one’s sweetness towards another person or situation. Adding a spoonful of sugar to your cup of tea or coffee is a great way to bring positive energy to your morning ritual.

As you can see, whipping up magick into your daily meals isn’t as complex as you may have thought. Here at Solstice Sisters, we believe that magick should flow effortlessly rather than feeling like a chore. Kitchen magick provides just that, as food is the center point of providing nourishment in our physical lives. Tapping into the spiritual nourishment of food doesn’t mean you have to be a 5-star chef. All it takes is you unlocking your own magick.

If you're a kitchen witch just starting out, be sure to check out our Resources page! We've compiled a running list of our personal favorite witchy books that have helped us develop our individual practices as witches.

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