Creating Your Astral Home In The Faery Realm

Creating Your Astral Home In The Faery Realm

I’ve always had what some would call an “overactive imagination”. When I was a child, I used to see faeries in the garden every day, have conversations with the owls that lived in the barn, and create my own potions out of creek water and honeysuckles. I was always barefoot and searching for something out of this world. On windy days I would sit under a pine tree, close my eyes, and envision myself in the faery’s land. Using my imagination, I found a home in my own mind that was fantastical and full of faery spirits who would take me on adventures through their moss-covered world. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized my imagination as a kid was actually my unbridled intuition at work. Whether I knew it or not, I was creating an astral meet-up spot with the Fae. My imagination unlocked the door to their world. At some point on our way to adulthood, we were taught that using our imagination is “childish”. But if there’s one thing that my imaginative childhood taught me, it’s that we have the power to create our own worlds if we’re just willing to believe. Are you ready to create your own sacred space in the Faery Realm? Here’s a few tips to get you started:

What Is A Faery Realm Home?

To start, you’ll need a good understanding of what an astral home can be and what they’re used for. Magickal residences or “mind palaces” can be created within the etheric plane through meditation. It’s extremely similar to the process used to create astral temples, which is practiced widely by many traditional witches around the world. Despite it commonly being referred to as an astral home, you do not need to know how to astral project in order to create or use a home in the Faery Realm. Any witch can learn to create sacred space within the etheric realm, which is the land of the Fae. Homes within this realm are created through clear visualization and powerful intent, but they are every bit as real as our “real life” homes! Your new residence can be used to commune with the Fae, invoke deities and spirits, perform ritual spellwork, explore shadow work, and summon a personal faery to help with your magickal workings...among so many other things. The truth is, there is no end to what you can use your home for or what it should look like. It’s not just for work, either! Retreating to your home in the Faery Realm is a great way to relax and ground yourself; it’s a place of renewing energy and healing powers. I often go to my astral “den” with my fox spirit when I need to unwind and get away from the day’s stress. By powering up your imagination and letting your mind do it’s magickal creative thing, you can build an astral home in the Faery Realm which will give you a space to safely explore their world and meet up with the Fae in a neutral space. This home can be completely controlled and shaped by you; for example, mine is more of a ruin in the forest than a home, but as long as it feels like home to you and your Fae that’s all that matters. It doesn’t have to be a traditional home or cottage, just let your imagination run wild.

How To Claim Your Space

Meditation, deep breathing, and visualization. That’s it, that’s all you need to get started! To build your home in the etheric realm, get comfortable and light some candles and incense before getting into a meditative state. If you’re allergic to smoke cleansing methods, dab a small amount of your favorite essential oil onto your wrists and third eye before starting. Basically, build that ambiance babe. While meditating, infuse your energy into each piece of the “puzzle”, letting your creative self take hold. Spend time on the small details of your astral home, such as placing a kettle in the corner for tea with the Fae or planting a magickal herb garden in this new realm. This will make your bond with this realm stronger and the home more “real” to you. It took me a long time to learn how to meditate in a way that worked for me, so just try out different techniques until one clicks. Don’t worry if you don’t meditate the same way as someone else -- do your own thing! The more you practice going to this Faery home through meditation, the stronger your connection will be with it and the easier it will be to travel there. Pretty soon you’ll be able to pop in and out of your residence like a pro. Don’t forget to visualize what the surroundings of your home look like. Is there a stream? Perhaps a forest with a small natural altar just outside your door? Are there caverns nearby to explore? Can you see the mountains from your home? Clearly envision the landscape and create your mental map. This kind of “programming” will help you further explore the Faery Realm as you get more comfortable within the etheric world. When you start to feel more at ease here, you can venture away from your astral homestead and explore more of their world. You can even ask some of the helpful Fae to show you some of their favorite spots.

One last thing: When creating your home, be sure to visualize it just outside of the Faery’s cities and towns. You don’t want to build it too close to their territory, partly out of respect and also so that you can maintain clear boundaries. I found it easiest to imagine an old, beaten path that connects your space to the Fae’s gathering spots, so that you can always see who is coming and going from your home. This is essentially building a protection spell into your astral workings, to ensure that you are in control of your own space. Alternatively, you can visualize a large shield of energy surrounding your home, which will keep you safe during your time here.

Offering Residence To Your “Personal” Fae

One of the best things about building a home in the etheric realm of the Fae is that you can ask certain faeries to take up residence in your space! They will not only protect you from ill-intentioned spirits, they can lend their energy to your spellwork if you’re willing to spend time building a relationship with them. A lot of Fae will happily respond to invitations within the etheric realm, while others will need to be approached more slowly before they are willing to go into your astral home. It all depends on the type of Fae you want to invite over! Keep in mind that faeries cannot be controlled and are sentient, feeling beings who are very sensitive to slights. They don’t appreciate feeling used or being looked at as simply another nature spirit. They are each individual and unique, so take the time getting to know each Fae that pops up while in this realm and never demand that a Fae work with you. Treat them with the same respect and hospitality that you would treat your loved ones, and they will reward you with their blessings in return. I try to pop into my astral home each day to leave offerings for the different Fae who are working within my sphere right now as a show of thanks.

I’ve found that one of the most effective ways to attract the Fae in this realm is to simply observe. They’re curious folk who will absolutely show up to check out the astral architecture you’ve built, so you’ll see different ones come and go. If you’re looking for a specific Fae to work with, simply leave out their favorite offerings each day until they show. If they don’t show up, they’re not ready to work with you and that should be respected. However, if you’re consistent and they consent to being talked to, you can ask the Fae that you feel particularly connected with to stick around and make themselves at home. Take the time to create a meaningful relationship with this Fae and they will aid your magick not just in the Faery Realm, but in our realm of existence, too!

What type of etheric home will you create? What type of Fae will you invite? I’d love to hear about your magickal adventures in the Faery Realm 🧚 Imagination is our greatest superpower. Use it to create your etheric home and watch your magick grow.

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