Easy To Grow Herbs For Kitchen Magick

Easy To Grow Herbs For Kitchen Magick

Hello, Ash here - the resident kitchen witch for Solstice Sisters. One of the things that I love about being a kitchen witch is how easy it is for me to incorporate other types of witchcraft into my kitchen magick. Fae witchcraft, hearth witchcraft, lunar witchcraft, all the witchcraft!

There is one type of witchery that I tend to gravitate more towards, especially during the spring. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint...it involves dirt and lots of plants. Welcome to the world of green witchcraft! Green witchcraft goes hand in hand with kitchen witchcraft if you think about it. If you’re not familiar with this path, the best way to describe it is the practice of working with plants and the natural elements. In kitchen magick, you use a lot of herbs, spices, and veggies in your spellwork - AKA green magick!

I want to share with you my personal favorite kitchen magick herbs that are not only tasty but also very easy to grow. Even if you’re a brown thumb that burns everything in the kitchen, you can still likely grow one of these herbs right from your kitchen counter which will permeate your kitchen with all the lovely green magick they embody.


Basil has been a plant ally of mine for years. It is SO easy to grow and even easier to propagate. You can buy them year-round and they don’t require that much attention. Just stick them in a well-drained container and keep the water moist then harvest them when they’re ready! You can add it to soups, salads, or make a yummy pesto.

Basil has heavy abundance energy and also serves as a wonderful protectant from negative influences. Pick a leaf and carry it in your wallet to attract money or dry it and sprinkle around your home for a powerful protection barrier.


Part of the onion family, chives make for a great indoor herb because of its tolerance for low-light but also enjoys full sun if you have a sunny kitchen. It’s easy to care for only needing regular watering. They tend to mature for harvest rather quickly - within 60 days of sprouting! When ready all you have to do is trim them down to the base.

Chives also have heavy protective energy and can also be used in weight loss spells. You can add them to your baked potatoes, salads, and even eggs! I personally love to blend it with cream cheese or butter to spread on my morning bagels.


This versatile herb is possibly the easiest of all herbs to grow indoors. Keeping the soil lightly moist will make them happy and flourish even if it doesn’t get much sun. When you need to add some to your cooking all you have to do is pinch off a few springs and viola! Not to mention parsley goes well on just about ANY dish. Yum!

A good luck herb, parsley can be carried to increase your luck and attract positive energies. You can also burn dried parsley to improve divination practices. It also promotes health so adding this as a colorful finish to your dishes is an easy way to add some healing magick to your day!

So, those are my top 3 favorite herbs to grow for kitchen magick! The best part? You can grow them together in a single container! They compliment each other quite well and all have very similar needs in terms of care. So if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at growing some plants indoors and incorporate some green witchcraft into your practice, we highly recommend starting with these three easy to grow herbs. Get your hands dirty and sprout some magick today 🌱

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