Making Magick With Neptune

Between the madness going on outside and the social distancing, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt a little blue right now. But do you know what else is blue? The radiant aura of Neptune! This week, we’re focusing on this amazing planet of inspiration and deep knowledge to keep ourselves rooted in positive energy during these crazy times. Looking for something witchy to do while staying in? We’re also sharing a DIY toner recipe that doubles as a spell to honor Neptune during the new moon. We’re always down to work some planetary magick into our self-care routine, and focusing on a craft while stuck at home is a great way to refocus that anxious energy.

Let’s dive in!

Neptune’s Correspondences

Ruled by the element of Water, Neptune is the planet of compassion, empathy, and idealism. It represents the power of intuition and holds the ability to cause revolutions. When we work with this planet and welcome its positive aspects, we can freely express our creative selves and grow our big dreams into even bigger manifestations. The watery energy of Neptune can cleanse the fog off of our auras and recharge our intuition, getting us ready to channel some seriously important messages about self-care and setting goals. Because of its associations with divination and psychic abilities, Neptune can help you tap into deep or hidden universal knowledge -- just like pulling up lost treasures from the sea. Asking Neptune to preside over your tarot reading or rune casting can open the door to life-changing insights; you can even dedicate your divinatory tools to this planet to imbue them with a boost of psychic power. Neptune is also closely tied to dreams and visions, making it a great planet to work with if you’re studying dream magick or astral travel! You can channel messages from Neptune through painting, crafting, dance, music, or poetry; basically any creative pursuit will please the energy of this imaginative planet! If you’re feeling a bit out of touch with your spiritual side, try painting as you meditate on the energy of Neptune. We promise you’ll come out of it inspired!

While it can be easy to get lost in the depths of Neptune’s ethereal waves, it can be a surprisingly grounding planet to work with. Since Neptune has the cleansing ability to break bonds and dissolve boundaries, spellwork related to the planet often involves overcoming problems or addictions as well as quelling emotional situations. You can also petition Neptune for help with writer’s block or if you need to be more compassionate towards those around you.

New Moon Neptune Magick

Now that’s a tongue-twister! Did you know the new moon is a great time for purification rituals to wash away the old and make way for new opportunities? It’s also the perfect time to dedicate (or re-dedicate) your witchy tools. This ties in perfectly with the cleansing magick of Neptune and its associations with the divinatory arts! You can use this time to cleanse your divination tools and dedicate them to Neptune, take a ritual bath, and set intentions for the coming month.

The new moon is also traditionally used to rid ourselves of the negative habits in our life, which is why Neptune is such a great planet to work with during this time. Since the new moon and Neptune work so well together, we came up with a DIY recipe to incorporate some planetary magick into your daily self-care routine. If you don’t have a regular self-care practice, now’s the time to start! The new moon is a great time to work on discipline and its energy makes it easier to stick to a new practice.

DIY Neptune Toner

  • Blue candle
  • Clean glass bottle
  • Filtered moon water
  • Witch hazel
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Essential oil of your choosing

Notes: Frankincense and Lavender are the two most commonly used essential oils in toners, but you can choose whichever oil you feel most called to. Our fae witch likes to add crystal chips to her DIY toner, so that’s also an option if you want to boost your mixture with a little gemstone magick.

Grab your blue candle and carve a trident into it, the symbol of Neptune. The key when carving this symbol is to include a line crossing the trident across the bottom -- this cross is a grounding element in the symbol and stabilizes the dreamy energy of Neptune. This will help keep you grounded while working within the powerful but deep realm of Neptune magick.

Once you have carved your candle, set it to the side and start gathering the ingredients for your toner. Take a small bowl and add the following proportions of each ingredient:

For Sensitive Skin: One part apple cider vinegar, one part witch hazel, four parts water

For Normal to Dry Skin: One part apple cider vinegar, one part witch hazel, two parts water

For Oily Skin: One part apple cider vinegar, one part witch hazel, one part water

Note that in this recipe, “one part” is any measurement you chose. For example, if you’re following the sensitive skin recipe and want to make 3 fluid ounces of toner, you’d need to mix ½ tablespoon apple cider vinegar with ½ tablespoon witch hazel, then add 4 tablespoons of moon water.

Now you can add in 1-2 drops of the essential oil of your choice and mix the ingredients up well. Pour the toner into your glass bottle, which you can then set onto your altar or sacred space. Light your candle next to the bottle and meditate on the compassionate and intuitive energy of Neptune, asking the planet to bless the toner with its eye-opening insights. Allow Neptune to pour its cleansing energy into the mixture as you picture yourself with a clean body and clear mind. Focus on overcoming any obstacles that block your new beginnings, and ask Neptune to open your mind to the deep messages it has to offer. Imagine a blue light surrounding the mixture, focusing on its calming properties and enchanting it with psychic-boosting powers. Dip your finger in the toner and rub it on your third eye to complete the ritual.

Once the blessing is done, you can use the toner daily to cleanse your skin and tap into Neptune’s powerful magick, or dab it on your third eye when you need to give your intuition or visions a boost. If you don’t want to use a traditional glass jar, you can also put the toner into a small spray bottle to remind yourself of the gentle spray of the sea. Neptune would be proud!

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