What It Means To Practice Kitchen Witchery

What It Means To Practice Kitchen Witchery

** This post was written by our Resident Kitchen Witch, Ash! We hope you enjoy her deep-dive perspective into what it means to be a Kitchen Witch**

While labels aren’t necessary to practice magick or to be a witch, if you feel a calling to a certain ‘type’ of witchcraft, you may find comfort and empowerment with a witchy label! This was par for the course for me.

Let me start off by saying that I have not always called myself a kitchen witch. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to embrace the term. For many years, I jumped between all sorts of labels from pagan witch, eclectic witch, hearth witch, and just plain witch!

Additionally, I wasn’t always a great cook, either! When I first moved out on my own, I ate like the typical teenager. Lots of poptarts, ramen noodles, and pizza. The extent of my cooking was pouring milk in a bowl with cereal.

It wasn’t until I moved in with my now-husband that I decided I wanted to become a better cook. I’ll never forget the first meal I made for him -- I was vegetarian at the time and made tofu spaghetti and it was TERRIBLE. If I ever had a chance of converting him to a vegetarian diet, I lost him with that single dish.

But since I’m a tried-and-true Sagittarius/Capricorn cuspie, I don’t accept defeat easily. I started grabbing any and every recipe I could find and following them to the best of my ability. Over time, my cooking skills improved to the point that my husband started calling my meals “5-star quality”.

As time progressed, I started to notice the immense amount of joy and comfort I felt when in the kitchen. I developed an interest in herbalism, started to work magick into my food with simple spice mixes, and began to find rhythm through ritual. And thus a kitchen witch was born!

Do you feel a call to kitchen witchery but don’t know where to start? Been there, done that! I want to share the foundation of what kitchen magick really is, what it means to be a kitchen witch on the daily, and how I embraced my newfound home within the hearth. I’ll also be sharing a simple kitchen cleansing ritual to get you started. Are you ready? Let’s dig in.

What is Kitchen Magick?

Kitchen magick is just what it says it is: magick in the kitchen! You don’t have to be a chef, or even that great of a cook, to practice kitchen magick. The fact of the matter is: if you’re in the kitchen, you can do some sort of kitchen magick.

Kitchen magick is the practice of setting intentions in the food and beverages that you prepare in your kitchen. This could be something as simple as fixing yourself a glass of water and focusing healing vibrations into the water before drinking it, or stirring your cup of coffee clockwise to bring prosperity with every sip! Things that you regularly prepare can easily be enchanted with magickal intent.

And kitchen magick isn’t limited to just cooking from scratch. Even those store bought dishes and frozen meals can be enchanted with magickal intent. Pairing your intent with the magickal properties of your ingredients is an easy way to enhance your kitchen magick. For instance, you could buy pre-made garlic bread from the grocery store and then enchant it when you get home by placing it next to a lit candle and infusing it with protective intent. Toast it in the oven to add in some fire energy, and BOOM! You have yourself some garlic bread that will encompass you with protective energy. Kitchen magick really can be THAT simple!

So, now that we know what the foundation of kitchen magick is and just how simple it is to embrace...the true question is: How do I know if I’m a kitchen witch?

What is a kitchen witch?

For me, being a kitchen witch is about being ‘at home’ in the kitchen. It’s where you feel most comfortable and where crafting magick comes most naturally to you. Being a kitchen witch isn’t just about cooking or being a chef -- It’s about allowing your magick to flow freely in the kitchen and intertwining your energy with all that you do in the kitchen.

If you’re a kitchen witch, then you probably find yourself immersed in ritual every time you’re in the kitchen. From fixing your cup of coffee to stirring a pot of soup, you find fulfillment in those acts which in turn immerses your food in positive energy.

This isn’t to say that only kitchen witches are capable of kitchen magick, in fact, our witchery can (and often should) extend into other parts of our home...such as laundry, house cleansing, and even decorating. Kitchen witches in particular just tend to have a more natural and personal connection to their kitchen. It’s their sacred space where most of their magick is crafted! In essence, your kitchen is one big ritual space within your home, that holds all of the enchanting hearth energy you could ever need to conjure. How cool is that?

Once you’ve embraced being a kitchen witch, there’s one more piece of the puzzle to place: Preparing your kitchen for the art of making magick!

New to Kitchen Magick?

If you’re new to kitchen magick but still want to work it into your witchy practice, you can start by doing a simple kitchen cleansing ritual. No, I don’t mean you need to scrub your kitchen from top to bottom in vinegar and wash every dish you own. I said s-i-m-p-l-e kitchen cleansing ritual. We’re not that extra.

Aside from a kitchen cleansing ritual being easy to do, it’s also a great way to prep your kitchen before practicing kitchen magick. I personally like to do monthly cleansing rituals in my kitchen to ensure that the energy is clear of any negative attachments.

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