Kitsune Spell Jar Necklace
Kitsune Spell Jar Necklace

Kitsune Spell Jar Necklace

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Our Kitsune spell jar necklaces are handcrafted by our resident Fae Witch in honor of Inari - the Shinto god of rice, prosperity, and fertility. Each necklace is handcrafted with the intention of helping you connect with fox spirits and embrace abundance with ingredients such as:

• cinnamon to encourage prosperity and abundance
• rose for protection and manifestation
• orange peel to attract prosperity and joy
• citrine to promote happiness and manifest abundance
• rice dusted with gold as an offering to Inari and the fox spirits

Our Kitsune necklaces are a great way to take the magick of the fox spirits with you on the go, or as a focal point and tool during spell work. Each spell jar necklace comes on an 18" black waxed necklace cord.

Please note that each spell jar necklace is intuitively crafted for your order, so you will not receive the exact one pictured.


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