About Solstice Sisters

Solstice Sisters is a sisterhood of witches who have banded together to craft magick and help other witches step into their own innate power. We believe that everyone holds magick within them, and are passionate about providing the tools and resources to help bring that magick to surface. 

A diverse group of witches, the Sisters all carry their own individual practices that tend to compliment each other in the most magickal of ways. Jen is the resident Fae witch who works closely with the Fae folk, drawing from chaos magick to help her craft intuitively. Ash is the resident Kitchen witch who whips and stirs her magick into delicious meals, while also dabbling in some hearth magick. Taylor is the resident Garden witch who connects with nature spirits to guide her towards magickal, artistic creations. 

All items at Solstice Sisters are handcrafted with the utmost intentions to provide you with a little extra magick for your own practice. We firmly believe in the power of unity and welcome witches of all paths, so we won't tolerate gatekeeping or witchier-than-thou attitudes here. Our blog is full of witchy resources that we invite you to explore, and above all else, we hope that you find a bit of sisterhood with us as we have found in each other.

“Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood.” – Robin Benway