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Solstice Sisters

Divine Inspiration Bracelet

Divine Inspiration Bracelet

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Our Divine Inspiration beaded bracelets were created with the intention of helping you tap into the energy of the muses and Apollo to bring creative inspiration into your daily life, remove artistic and mental roadblocks, and see new perspectives using:

- Green Aventurine to encourage you to have unconditional love for yourself, alleviate past pain, remove creative blocks, and boost vitality

- Amethyst for spiritual healing and wisdom, helping in the assimilation of new ideas and putting thought into action

- and Fluorite, which allows you to hold perspective while helping you gain inspiration from the cosmos and the world around you

Please note that each bracelet is handcrafted for your order, so you will not receive the exact one pictured. Each bracelet is stretchy enough to fit a variety of wrist sizes, but additional beads can be added by messaging us directly.


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