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Happy Home Cleansing Spray

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An uplifting blend of floral sweetness with a hint of strawberry, this Happy Home Cleansing Spray has all the magickal properties to encourage love and happiness in your home. Coupled with rose quartz, this Cleansing Spray offers a gentle yet powerful vibration that will clear away tense energy and replace it with joy.

Our Cleansing Sprays are crafted for smells and spells to be used in your witchy practice. Each blend is intuitively blended by our Resident Kitchen Witch and can be used as an energetic cleanser for your countertops, clothing, and other common areas or objects.

Each bottle measures 16oz and comes with a spray nozzle. A Happy Home tealight candle comes with each order to be used to charge your Cleansing Spray before use. 


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