Ritual Salt Set

Ritual Salt Set

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Ritual Salt has long been used in witchcraft for rituals, spells, and day to day witchy life. Some ways you can use Ritual Salt:

- Dressing a candle with Red Ritual Salt to use in personal spells
- Add to your cauldron to burn charcoal and loose incense
- In ritual baths to infuse your personal energy with passion and courage
- Display in a bowl on your altar to represent the Fire element
- Use as a ‘bed’ to cleanse your crystals of stagnant energy
- Add to spell jars or satchets for on-the-go magick


Our Ritual Salt Set contains the following:

Black Ritual Salt - helps absorb negative energies and keeps away unwanted influences.
Handcrafted with Sea Salt and Coconut Shell Derived Charcoal*

Blue Ritual Salt - helps encourage peace and increases healing vibrations.
Handcrafted with Sea Salt and Butterfly Pea Powder.

Brown Ritual Salt - offers a layer of grounding energy that brings comfort and stability.
Handcrafted with Sea Salt, Cacao Powder, and Coconut Shell Derived Charcoal*

Purple Ritual Salt - offers a layer of protection from Psychic attacks and other negative influences.
Handcrafted with Sea Salt, Raspberry Powder, and Coconut Shell Derived Charcoal*

Red Ritual Salt - helps invoke your personal power and ignite inner passions.
Handcrafted with Sea Salt, Powdered Hibiscus and Raspberry Powder.

Yellow Ritual Salt - helps encourage positivity and invokes happiness.
Handcrafted with Sea Salt and Lemon Peel Powder.


Each jar of Ritual Salt comes in a 3.5oz reusable jar. Each jar is adorned with a pentacle and is sealed with a cork. Our Ritual Ritual Salt is not intended for consumption or any other culinary use.



*Metaphysical properties are not guaranteed and should not be used in place of professional or medical advice. This site is meant for informational uses only, and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your primary care physician before you make any changes to your diet and lifestyle. Do not use the information on this site as a guide for internal consumption of herbs, teas, tonics, and always practice fire safety