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Solstice Sisters

Sea Goddess Witch Bells Car Charm

Sea Goddess Witch Bells Car Charm

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Our Sea Goddess Witch Bells Car Charm come equipped with all the magick to cleanse negative energies around you and raise your vibrations on the go.

Each set of our Sea Goddess Witch Bells Car Charms are handcrafted from 100% hemp cord using knot magick to infuse the car charm with positive intention and protection. Silver bells and sea inspired charms adorn the end of the car charm that give a subtle jingle, cleansing negative energy around you. A wooden bead is added to one end to fasten into a loop on the other end making it an easy attachment to your rear-view mirror for a truly magickal and witchy car charm!

These witchy car charms measure approx. 10” - 11” long (while hanging) and come with a gemstone of your choosing nestled securely in a crystal cage:

Clear Quartz
Black Obsidian
Rose Quartz

Due to the handmade nature of our witchy car charms, the set you receive may have slight inclusions or differences from the ones pictured.

If you would like to place a custom order, please feel free to message us!--------------

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Osiana Dare
This review has no content.

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Jennifer F.

This is gorgeous. So happy with the style and craftsmanship.