Witch's Apothecary Kit
Witch's Apothecary Kit

Witch's Apothecary Kit

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Explore herb magick with our Witch's Apothecary Kit! This Apothecary Kit is perfect for the beginner witch as well as the experienced witch looking to expand or restock their apothecary herbs. Our Witch's Apothecary Kit is a variety of 12 dried herbs, flowers, and spices that can be used in spells, rituals, or serve as offerings. Each Apothecary Kit comes with 10 reusable apothecary jars that can be used to make your own spell jars, or to store your witchcraft herbs. We will also include a reference guide that describes the magickal properties and uses of each magickal herb.

Each Apothecary Jar is a 20ml vial measuring 1" diameter x 2" height with a cork stopper.

When you order our Witch's Apothecary Kit you will receive one of each:

Basil - used in love divinations and to attract wealth

Parsley - promotes fertility and purifies space

Dill - stimulates lust and offers protection

Oregano - protects against illnesses

Calendula - enhances psychic abilities

Chamomile - attracts money and loving vibrations

Jasmine - attracts love and wealth

Rose Petals - increases loving vibrations and calmness

Lavender - encourages peace and healing

Cinnamon - draws money and offers protection

Dried Orange Peel - increases luck and attracts prosperity

Bay Leaves - offers protection and purifies space

Tealight is not included in purchase - is for size reference only.

If you would like to place a custom please feel free to message us!


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