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Solstice Sisters

Yellow Ritual Salt

Yellow Ritual Salt

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Ritual Salt has long been used in witchcraft for rituals, spells, and day to day witchy life. When used, Yellow Ritual Salt helps encourage positivity and invokes happiness. Some ways you can use Yellow Ritual Salt:

- Dressing a candle with Yellow Ritual Salt to use for attracting happiness
- Add to your cauldron to burn charcoal and loose incense
- In ritual baths to infuse your personal energy with positivity and optimism
- Sprinkle in front of doorways and windows to prevent negative influences from entering your home
- Use as a ‘bed’ to cleanse your crystals of stagnant energy
- Add to spell jars or satchets for on-the-go magick

Our Yellow Ritual Salt is handcrafted with Sea Salt, Lemon Peel Powder, and comes in a 3.5oz reusable jar. Each jar is adorned with a pentacle and is sealed with a cork. Our Yellow Ritual Salt is not intended for consumption or any other culinary use.

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