Celebrating Summer Solstice With The Fae

The Wheel of the Year has finally rolled back around to one of our favorite sabbats...the Summer Solstice! ☀️ Also known as Midsummer or Litha, it’s one of the most powerful days of the year to perform spells and rituals, especially those concerning health, love, passion, protection, and purification. During this time, we honor the life-giving energy of the Sun and gather with our friends and family to celebrate on the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice is an abundant time where we should show gratitude for all the blessings that we’ve received throughout the first half of the year, taking in and appreciating the growth of the seeds that we planted during the Spring. Now is also a great time to use the peak energy of the Sun to burn away old, negative patterns that have held us back — just as the forest sometimes needs controlled burning to prevent more disastrous wildfires, our soul sometimes needs a ritual burning to cleanse the debris of energy blockages before we “implode” from the stress. What better time to purge what doesn’t serve you than Summer Solstice? All of that isn’t what makes this sabbat so special for us, though. The Summer Solstice is not only the longest day of the year, it's a bright day of worship and celebration for the Fae when the veil between our worlds is thin and they can easily cross over to say hello! During the Summer Solstice, it’s easier to see the Fae and receive their messages, making it the prime time to strengthen your relationship with them and build a solid rapport. They thrive in the greenery of summer, and many are even happy to join in on your sabbat celebrations by dancing and singing their ancient songs. All you have to do is invite them!

So...how do you do that? Here are a few ways you can invite Faery energy into your Summer Solstice workings:

  • Light a bonfire or large gold or yellow candles to celebrate not only the Sun, but the royal court of the Fae who take their yearly stroll during the Summer Solstice. Read some Celtic mythology by the fire and listen out for the hooves of the Faery's steeds. While there are myths that warned of the Faery’s wild ride through the woods, I’ve found that there’s nothing to fear. They don’t want to steal you away...they just want to celebrate the powerful Solstice with a banging parade. Light your fires to help illuminate their path!
  • Decorate your altar with faery crystals, seashells, potted plants, fresh summertime berries, and colorful candles to honor the Fae and give them a special indoor space to celebrate. Make sure to leave some milk on your altar, as well -- it’s a favorite of the benevolent faery spirits and you’ll quickly gain their favor this way.
  • Fill your outdoor space with handmade flower wreaths, bells, shiny ribbons, and suncatchers. Spend time in this space during the day to soak in the Sun’s energy while showing gratitude for the abundance that the Fae have gifted you. You can even use this space as a sort of “portal” to the Faery Realm, where you can go to meditate and journey to your home on the other side, or as a space to leave offerings for the Fae in a more natural setting.
  • It’s common in many cultures to bless the animals during the Summer Solstice! Ancient herders would designate one animal from their herd to serve as the “token animal”, which would be walked through the Midsummer fire (safely!) to ensure the protection and prosperity of the herd. Similarly, you can ask the Celtic god Cernunnos for protection and blessings for your own pets, livestock, and the natural wildlife without having them jump through a ring of fire.
  • Host a Faery Feast to share the wealth of the season with the Fae. Not to brag, but our resident Kitchen Witch has an amazing Summer Solstice Luncheon that is always a big hit with the Fae! They’re also big fans of sweets and grains, so you could also make a loaf of lavender-rose bread if you’re feeling extra generous. If possible, take your luncheon or feast outside and enjoy it in the warm sunshine. Be sure to share the first plate of food with the Fae and thank them for joining you to nourish yourselves in the Sun.
  • Faeries love herbs, so if you planted any in your garden during Ostara or Beltane, collect some and offer them to your Fae. Our resident Fae Witch likes to collect flowers and herbs from her plants during this time and save them in little jars so that they can be used in spells throughout the dark half of the year. You can also use these fresh herbs in your Solstice meal to further soak in the Fae energy. Just be sure not to clip too many of the plants and always ask before making a cut -- the Fae definitely don’t like to see the garden bare. They’d much prefer if you left some to continue to grow until harvest season.
  • Dance, dance, dance...and then dance some more! This is a pretty simple tip, but it’s more important than you think. Sometimes inviting the Fae into your magickal workings really is as easy as shaking what your momma gave ya. They are especially playful during the Summer Solstice, so use this time to blast some of your favorite tunes and dance around the bonfire...or your bed, whatever works!
  • Last, but definitely not least, try writing a letter to the Fae telling them what you are thankful for and what you want to manifest during the rest of the year. Ask them for their guidance and blessings as you walk this path, then fold the letter up and burn it in your Summer Solstice fire. Let the Fae carry your message to the Otherside while the veil is thin, and believe in their ability to make these intentions a reality in this realm.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, we want to wish each and every one of you a blessed Summer Solstice! We hope the Fae bless you with all the abundance you can possibly handle ✨

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