DIY High Vibes Cleansing Spray

DIY High Vibes Cleansing Spray

Let’s talk a minute about energy. It’s the primary ingredient used by witches when conducting rituals or spellwork. The energy you put into workings is the act of setting intentions, so when you hear the term ‘set your intentions’ that really just means to align the energy you’d like to be infused into your spell or ritual.

Energy is highly influential. Have you ever walked into a room where an argument has taken place? The air always seems thick and tense with emotion. If you’re empathic, then you especially know how this feels. If you’re not careful, you can absorb those negative energies which in turn will lower your vibrations and make you feel drained or even irritable.

Let’s talk about the number one place where energy can affect you on a personal level -- your home! Energy is constantly flowing in and out of your home, and not all of it is positive or uplifting. When we leave our home to go somewhere, we are picking up energy from other people, places, and things. So if we have an encounter with a cranky store clerk at the grocery store, their energy can rub off on your groceries which in turn leaks into your house when you bring the groceries home.

This is why regular cleansing is vital for your home, and especially your kitchen! The food that we consume nourishes us with both its nutrients as well as its energetic essence. But who has time for all of that cleansing after an exhausting grocery trip? We sure don’t! But what we do have time for is super simple mundane magick.

Our resident kitchen witch is sharing her very own recipe for a magickal spray that can be used on any surface. The magickal properties of the ingredients used in this spray raise vibrations and enhance feelings of love and abundance. 

Items Needed
  • Glass spray bottle (do not use plastic - the oils in this spray can break down plastic over time)
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Moonwater (tap water will work as well)
  • Tigers Eye chips
  • Rose quartz chips
  • Add your moonwater to the spray bottle leaving a little space at the top
  • For every 12 ounces of water add 5 drops of each oil to the spray bottle
  • Drop in your crystal chips
  • Shake to combine and activate
  • Spray on a clean surface such as a kitchen counter or dinner table and wipe off with a towel in a clockwise motion to attract positive energy
Repeat as often as you deem necessary!


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