How to Make An Inconspicuous Kitchen Altar

How to Make An Inconspicuous Kitchen Altar

One of the most important things in a witch’s practice is their altar. It's the sacred space dedicated to magick and honors whatever energy the witch chooses to work with at the time. Some witches even have more than one altar, ourselves included! An altar can be used to honor just about anything from deities, to seasons, to crystals, to money....the list goes on and on. But that’s the magick behind witchcraft - it’s so versatile that it can meet any witch’s needs.

Altars are often used to craft spells and encourage specific energies in the area. For a lot of witches still in the broom closet, it may be hard to have an out-in-the-open altar. Having a kitchen altar is a great way to work around this problem! Extremely inconspicuous, kitchen altars are a great way to have your cake and eat it too.

Our resident kitchen witch has put together a list of some of her own kitchen altar items. These items are so ordinary that only the trained eye would notice these as being ‘out of place’. Using a small space on your kitchen counter where you most often prepare food, or the center of your dinner table, as your altar space and decorating it with these suggested items is the perfect way to sneak an altar into your home without anyone ever noticing.


Crystals are perfect for the kitchen! Not only do they add a sparkle to any space, but they also raise vibrations and encourage energy for just about any need or desire. Placing crystals such as rose quartz or lepidolite on your kitchen altar can add loving energy to the air as well as your meals!


Candles are a lovely addition to any witch’s altar including the kitchen witch’s. Using the appropriate color candle - or just plain white - you can encourage the energy in your kitchen to match your needs. Simply being in your kitchen while the candle is lit will allow the energy to embody you and be with you throughout the day.

Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Displaying fresh fruit and vegetables on your kitchen altar is a wonderful way to encourage specific energies into your space. You can even pair different ones to compliment each other. For instance, an onion offers protection from negative influences and an apple encourages loving vibrations. Put them together and you have some strong love magick brewing safely under a protective shield!


Flowers will brighten any room, making them a beautiful and inconspicuous kitchen altar decoration. Keeping them seasonal will honor the turn of the wheel and double as a sabbat altar for the solstices. Furthermore, fresh flowers tend to make house Fae very happy and they will shower your meals with blessings as a thank you.

What are some of your favorite sly witchy items for the kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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