The Magick of Stovetop Brews

Centuries ago, witches relied heavily on the cauldron to brew magickal potions and other concoctions. In today’s modern world, having a bubbly, cast iron cauldron in the middle of our kitchen isn’t quite as common. But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost the ability to brew up some magick!

Everything Is Magick

Before we dive too deep into the magick of brewing, let’s talk about the magick in ingredients. Every living thing on this planet harnesses some form of magick. From the ancient wisdom of trees to the grounding energy of dirt itself, everything has a purpose and meaning. As witches, we tap into the magickal attributes of Earth’s elements to manifest our desires. Some choose to do this through the act of rituals and spellwork while others find magick in the mundane. If you’re like us, you do a little bit of it all!

That’s where stovetop brews come in handy - it can be as ritualistic or as simplistic as you’d like. There are no set steps in making the magick happen and you can strictly go off what resonates with you. Your intent is what truly matters in all of your magickal workings.

Making Magick On Your Stovetop

You’re probably familiar with the act of burning herbs and candles to infuse the air with magickal energies, but did you know you can do the exact same just by simmering a pot of water and herbs on your stovetop? Instead of the magickal energy being released in the form of smoke, it gets released in the form of steam.

Have you ever made a pot of soup and let it simmer for an hour or two? Have you noticed how the smell of the ingredients permeates your kitchen? Believe it or not, the magickal energies of those ingredients lingered right along with the heavenly aroma. And that’s how stovetop brews work!

As mentioned earlier, making a stovetop brew can be as ritualist or as simplistic as you’d like. I typically like to take the scraps from my veggies and toss them into a pot of boiling water with the intent of releasing their magickal properties into the air. When I’m feeling a little more ritualistic, I’ll light a candle and use one of our herbal brew blends to fill my home with magickal intent. I’ll even strain the mix and reserve the water to use when watering my garden to infuse magick into my plants as well!

You Don’t Have To Be A Kitchen Witch

Don’t let the idea of you needing to know how to cook intimidate you from using a brew to craft magick. In fact, you don’t have to cook at all in order to concoct a magickal brew! You can go outside right now and pick some leaves from a tree to throw into a pot of boiling water and get the full magickal effects.

Alternatively, you can purchase herbal mixes that were crafted with specific intentions. For instance, our Happy Home Brew Mix can be brewed on your stovetop to welcome happiness and loving energy into your home while our Prosperity Brew Mix will increase your vibrations to attract abundance.

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