What Is Faery Magick?

**This post was written by our resident fae witch, Jen, and is a look into her personal way of working with the Fae. We hope you enjoy this little intro to how she practices faery magick!**

As we near Beltane and the veil between the worlds thin, I can’t help but think about how I started working with the Fae. They’ve always been present in my life, and I’ve been seeing them as far back as I can remember. I’ve never looked at them as anything scary or supernatural; faeries and nature spirits are as natural to me as breathing. They’re an extension of the Earth, pulsing with an ancient power that’s hard to describe...they’re just there. I would regularly talk to them, leave little gifts, and thank them when they would return a lost item. It wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I started working this natural relationship with the Fae into my witchy path. Since then, I’ve manifested more than I ever thought possible thanks to their blessings. They’ve also helped me work with my shadow self in ways that I didn’t think possible. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with other spirits, gods, and goddesses. I even have a matron goddess who doesn’t even belong in the Celtic pantheon! But that’s the thing about Faery Magick...it’s universal and the good folk are everywhere. The Fae are always present in my life, surrounding me with their powerful energy and, in turn, empowering me to be the most badass witch I can be. There is room for Faery Magick in every path; in fact, most cultures have some sort of Fae within their mythology. As long as you have an open mind and come to the Fae with genuine respect for their power, you can embrace their magick and channel it to make some serious change in your life.

That’s where a lot of baby witches hit a snag though. For those who haven’t worked with the Fae before, there’s a lot of confusion about where to start...or even if they should practice Faery Magick in the first place. There are some great books out there to get you started, but for the most part faery magick is a very personal experience that needs a hands-on approach. The way you work with the Fae is inevitably going to be different than how I do it. This is why I want to share how I work with the Fae and the messages they’ve shared with me -- so that you can take from my experiences and blaze your own path. Let’s get started with the basics:

Who Are The Fae?

The Faery Folk, also known as the Good Folk, are ancient beings that inhabited our Earth long before the Celts or the Anglo-Saxons. In fact, Faeries are believed to have descended from the Tuatha De Danann, a magickal race of gods and goddesses that made their home in Ireland after descending from the sky on Beltane. Due to the Faeries’ connection with the Tuatha De Danann, many witches who practice Faery Magick also work with Celtic pantheon. As nature spirits, the Fae are mysterious and often unseen but they are constantly working their magick to shape the world around us. They live in the trees, the rocks, the breeze, the grass, and every living part of the Earth. They can appear as wisps of light or stay invisible, only known by the things they move around and leave behind. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t see them. Trust me, they’re there.

Despite what you might think, the Fae are not what cartoons would have you believe. They are so much more than fairies and pixies -- the Fae also encompasses gnomes, dragons, mermaids, elves, trolls...and a bevy of other “mythological” creatures that can cross the veil into our realm. In my own belief, the Fae once ruled the Earth but crossed the veil into another realm once man started destroying their natural habitat. Just like humans, some are good and some are bad. There’s a lot of grey when it comes to Faeries, but not to fear. If you ever stumble onto a not-so-nice Fae, all you have to do is assert your boundaries and tell them no. You don’t have to work with any energy -- including a pushy Fae. As with any spirit I’ve worked with, I’ve clearly laid out my boundaries beforehand and thoroughly done my research before inviting them into my space. Do the same with the Fae and you’ll be fine. Don’t let anyone fearmonger you into believing that all Fae are evil, either. From my experience, they definitely don’t want to kidnap you to the faery realm -- they mostly just want snacks and a good hiding spot.

Each type of Fae has its own type of magick and limitations, usually tied to an element of nature. If you want to do a spell for grounding, call on the gnomes. For communication, reach out to the sylphs. Similarly, selkies can be called to when working water magick. Identifying which type of Fae you’re working with is an important part of Faery magick, as not all Fae are going to be helpful for your intentions. If you’re experiencing signs of the Fae visiting, do some digging and try to suss out which type is trying to get your attention. I’ll be writing a series soon on the different types of elemental Fae that you can work with and how to identify them, so keep your eyes out for that in the coming weeks!

The Basis Of Fae Magick

I’ll be the first one to admit it: I’m what some would consider a “bad” witch. I don’t keep a grimoire on Faery Magick, I don’t journal any of my rune castings, and I never plan my rituals before they happen. I cobble spells together with whatever is on hand, and I rarely ever look up the metaphysical meaning of any of my ingredients until afterward...and even then, it’s usually only because someone asked what’s in their spell jar. Truth be told, I’ve always just done what feels good and trusted in my ability to channel the magick of the Fae.

That’s essentially what the basis of Faery Magick is to me -- listening to the messages of the Good Folk, following your intuition, and doing what makes your spirit feel good. You don’t need to know every meaning of every crystal or read every book out there. Practicing Faery Magick is to embrace the chaos and the unknown. The Faeries help us connect to nature and the frequency of the Earth, empowering us to take charge of our situations using our gut instinct. There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to the Fae, and such is life for humans as well. They teach us to live in the moment and love life as it comes. Faery Magick is simply the act of asking the Fae to assist in your spells and rituals, as well as opening yourself to the lessons they have to teach. The core of Faery magick is not only confidence in the Fae's ability to help, but in your own power as a witch who can manifest anything they want.

Inviting The Fae Into Your Magickal Workings

While Fae Magick can be worked anywhere, there are ways to make your space more inviting to the Fae. They especially love outdoor areas, so try creating a spot in your garden or yard where they can cross through the veil and play. If you don’t have access to a lot of outdoor space, you can create your enchanted space in a window or on a shelf in a quiet spot of your home. Spend time in this area every day, filling it with crystals, plants, and other little gifts for the Fae. You can offer them wind chimes or bells, as they love making noise. The Fae that I work with absolutely love Jasmine and little cakes, so that’s what I leave for them on my altar to invite their energy in. Just go with your intuition -- if you feel the desire to put something into your enchanted space, do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a stick or a strawberry or a rock that you found in the driveway. If you feel a weird need to display the item, do it. That’s the Fae knocking on your subconscious and they can be very loud.

Once you’ve created a space for the Fae to visit and made them feel welcome, take the time to meditate in the area and let the Fae get used to your energy. They are just as curious as us as we are about them...even more so, in fact. They tend to be suspicious of humans who want to work with them, as they’re used to us pushing them underground and making them small. The Fae will visit when they feel comfortable with your intentions and energy, so meditation is a great way to put those vibes out. Here’s a really handy guided meditation that I’ve used before when I want to visualize the realm of the Faeries. It’s helped me get in the enchanted spirit and ground my energy to be in tune with the Fae.

Building Relationships With The Good Folk

The foundation of Faery Magick comes down to one thing: Trust. The Fae don’t trust humans easily. Just as we’ve been taught that they are tricksters out to get us, all they’ve known of us is the harm that we’ve caused them and their home. Most Fae will happily share their knowledge and work with you, but only if you show pure respect for them and their ways. If you come to the Fae with dishonest intentions or disrespect, they will bring it back onto you. That’s not to be malicious, it’s just self-preservation. You don’t like being lied to or tricked, and neither do they. It takes time and a lot of patience to build a solid relationship with the Fae, but it’s worth it in so many ways. Faeries can be extremely helpful in your magickal workings, but never take their hard work for granted. Always remember to thank them for their gifts or blessings, and leave out offerings for them in return. Your relationship with the Fae should be symbiotic.

To sum it up: Be respectful, be open, and be thankful. The Fae are here to share their magick with you...will you answer their call?


  • Can fairies physically manifest as birds…I feel a strong affiliation with so many birds that surround me. They seem to show up whenever I need them. I feel that they should not be trapped in a cage…they need to be free to really do their magick!!!

  • Hi, I’m very interested in this type if work. How would I go about doing it? How would I start?

  • I have been trying to attract the attention and to communicate.with the fae for some time. There is a lake and quiet forest down the road from my house and i leave offerings when i can underneath a tree there. I have never seen one outside of ny mind yet. I did have an experience on the lake path one day. Three " beings"(?) came into my mind unbidden: one, a flower man, with lime green and yellow daisy like petals framing his head and along thin body with long arms and legs; the other two appeared as a pair, two “teenage” dryads? – tree spirits? I got the impression they were brother and sister and they were dressed in muted tones of green and brown with slouchy toques, if.u can believe. Their expressions were tentative but open at.the same time. I have been wanting to draw and paint them for ages but although i do loads of artsy .crafty things, drawing people or humanoid figures is not my strong.point and i have procrastinated. because i do not want to mess it up as the experience was important to me. What do you make of that?

  • Thank you for this post. This is quite informative. I needed this as Faeries started reaching out to me and I needed some information on them.

  • Hi, Achilles! The fae that I work with tend to like offerings such as fresh berries, dried flowers, tea, milk, cookies & cakes, and small trinkets. Anything with milk or cream is an easy go-to offering that almost all Fae are fond of, so I’d go with that one if you’re ever unsure on what to offer.

    Jen, Resident Fae Witch at Solstice Sisters

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