5 No-Cook Ways to Practice Kitchen Magick

Kitchen magick isn’t just about baking bread or cooking up a pot of soup. Kitchen magick is about using your kitchen as the epicenter for crafting your magick so that it fills your home and creates an atmosphere filled with your intent. A lot of people may think that the only way to do this is to whip up a recipe and cook, but I’m here to tell you that there are so many other ways to practice kitchen magick than by cooking!

Any act that takes place in your kitchen that has a magickal intent IS kitchen magick! That’s what makes kitchen magick such a beautiful craft; it’s something ANYONE can do. While it’s true that a lot of kitchen witches do practice kitchen witchery through cooking, that’s not to say that you can’t practice kitchen witchery if you don’t cook.

So if you’re a witch who has been interested in kitchen witchery, but you’re not quite that confident in your cooking skills, have no fear! Here are 5 simple, mundane, no-cook ways to start practicing some kitchen magick today:

  • A signature item here at Solstice Sisters, Herbal Brew Mixes are a mix of herbs that harness specific energies that when simmered on the stovetop, it puts out that energy into your home to help attract the intentions you’re looking to conjure up! Just sprinkle some herbs in a pot of water and set to a medium-low temperature so that it simmers and puts out magick throughout your home.

  • Making a sandwich? Smear on those condiments in the shape of a sigil or other magickal symbols. When you eat your sandwich you’ll embody the energy and intent of your sigil/symbols, thus making you a beacon capable of manifesting that intent into reality. Whether it be a protection sigil to keep you safe from harm during the day or a symbol for abundance to help you get a raise at work, spread some magick on that bread!

  • Though this sounds more like a chore than magick, sweeping has actually been a magickal practice used by witches for centuries. The act of sweeping can be done with a regular broom or with a broom dedicated to magickal use. But how do you sweep magickally, you ask? Just as you’d normally sweep but with a touch of intention, that’s how! Starting in the northern part of your kitchen and begin sweeping like normal except this time as you’re sweeping, envision your broom lifting up negative energies and moving it out of the room as you sweep it all away.

  • So simple yet so magickal. Depending on your intention, lighting a candle that corresponds with that intent is a quick and easy way to practice magick in your kitchen without turning on the stove. I like to keep a general white candle near the stove so that anytime I’m preparing something in the kitchen, I can easily light the candle so that its energy infuses with whatever you’re preparing. Making a glass of water? Cutting up some fruit for lunch? Infuse it all with magick just by lighting a candle!

Everything that Earth provides is enchanted with certain magickal energies, and that includes fruit! When you make a fruit bowl you’re essentially pairing all the magick of those fruits in a single space which can attract energy to manifest what it is you desire. So the next time you’re out shopping, try picking out fruit with intention. Apples for love, bananas for luck, the possibilities are endless!

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