The Magickal Art Of Spellcasting

The Magickal Art Of Spellcasting

So, you want to cast a spell ✨

If you’ve ever made a wish while blowing out your birthday candles or tossed a penny into a fountain for good luck, guess what? You’ve already cast a spell! These seemingly innocuous actions might not seem very magickal, but it’s really just the act of focusing your energy on a specific intention, and then pushing that energy out into the universe where it can grow and manifest. exactly do you cast a spell and what method of casting is right for your spiritual practice? Here's some info and advice we’ve gathered over our own magickal journeys to help you get started:

What Is It?

Before we talk about how to cast a spell, let’s get a basic understanding of what it means to do so. Spellcasting is rooted in the belief that we can raise and direct our energy to manifest real change in the physical world. Essentially, you are made of divine, universal energy that can be channeled to achieve the desired result...that’s badass! Spellwork is usually done by cleansing your energy field, setting an intention or desire, and then focusing your energy on that thought until it is released into the etheric realm. The magickal art of spellwork looks different for every witch, so don’t feel bad if you don’t cast spells in exactly the same way as someone else. Your practice is deeply personal and should be molded to fit what suits you best.

When starting out, the best advice we could ever give you is to clearly set and define your intention before casting any spell. Be specific; vagueness is not your friend and although the spell might work out, it probably won’t be what you envisioned. You need to believe in the spell you’re casting and be able to envision exactly what you want to manifest.

With all of that said, spells can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. Some witches do their best spellwork when they’re conducting elaborate rituals and using specific correspondences. Other witches (like ourselves) choose to follow a more fluid and intuition-based magickal practice where spells aren’t written down and you choose how to cast based on your feelings rather than an ingredients list. There’s no one right way to cast a spell -- do whatever feels right to you. And if you feel like you can’t cast a spell yet because you don’t have all of the tools or crystals or herbs you need, I have news for you: you don’t need all of that to cast a spell. All you need is your magickal intent and personal power. Yeah, we know. It really is that simple to be honest.

Raising Magickal Energy

There’s a ton of different ways to raise the energy needed for a spell, but we have to stress that an important part of all spellwork is cleansing and grounding before you start. Take a moment before you start casting to cleanse your sacred space and yourself, then set up your protections or wards. This can be done simply by sprinkling salt water around and imagining an orb of golden, protective light surrounding your space. This way, your energy can be released from this shield but unwanted or negative influences cannot penetrate your workings. If you work with deities or ancestor spirits, ask them to watch over and guide your spellwork while keeping you protected.

Once you’ve cleansed and set up “shop”, you’re ready to roll. Raising energy is basically the act of shifting your consciousness away from the mundane everyday and into the mystical. This can be done in any number of different ways, and often changes depending on the type of spell you’re trying to work. Some of our favorite ways to raise energy during spellwork include:

  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Chanting
  • Singing
  • Playing Instruments or Listening to Music
  • Lighting Incense & Candles

Heck, even the act of setting up your altar or sacred space is a way of raising energy. Same goes for dressing in outfits that make you feel especially witchy while casting spells, or holding objects that have a magickal aura to them. Basically, any activity that gets you out of the mundane mindset and into the mystical is a good way to raise energy. Don’t worry if you think you look crazy doing it; go with the flow of the energy and act as crazy or subdued as you want to. After some time, you’ll find different ways of raising energy that resonates with your practice or specific spells.

Once the energy surrounding you feels uplifted and roaring, you’re ready to cast the spell.

The Different Methods Of Casting

Everyone casts differently and many witches use different types of spells depending on what they want to manifest. If one method of casting doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try it another way. The main thing to keep in mind is that any activity can be considered spellwork if you do with your specific intention in mind. Here are just a few ways you can channel the energy you’ve raised into a spell:

  • Candle Magick: Using specific colored candles to cast a spell is a great way to cast your spell with the help of all four earthly elements. These are typically done by setting your intention and pushing energy you’ve raised into the candle, then lighting the candle to release the energy into the universe.
  • Spell Jars: A folksy tradition, using spell jars in your casting is the act of filling a container with herbs, crystals, and other items that harness the magickal energy of your intentions. You can then leave this jar on your altar or carry it around with you as the spell works its magick. Our fae witch even creates spell jars you can use in your own practice in case you don’t have the time or materials to craft your own! You can check them out here.
  • Using Sigils: Sigil magick is the art of using symbols and imagery to manifest your intentions. These images can be drawn intuitively based on what you’re feeling, or specially designed to capture a specific phrase or word.
  • Tarot Spells: Tarot cards aren’t just for can use them in your spellwork to focus your intentions more clearly and get a better picture of what you want to manifest. Some witches even have specific decks that are used solely for spellcasting.
  • Magickal Brews: Brew mixes are blends of herbs, spices, and other magickal ingredients that correspond with your intentions, which can be added to a pot of water and brewed to lift your spellwork into the universe. Our resident kitchen witch makes some truly amazing brew mixes if you want to give this type of casting a shot without having to worry about what ingredients to use.
  • Burning: These are some of the simplest spells to perform, and honestly, they’re just as powerful as any other. You start by raising energy and then writing your intention on a piece of paper. Burn the paper to release the energy and begin manifesting. Easy-peasy!

These are just a very small sampling of all the ways you can cast a spell. And remember: you can always keep it simple by focusing on a particular intention without any tools whatsoever, instead directing your energy through your own body. No matter what you choose, it’s a valid way to spellcast so don’t let anyone else tell you it’s not. You don’t have to do an elaborate ritual to manifest what you want.

You’ve Gotta Believe!

Whatever you do, believe in your magick and the fact that you are capable of casting. Grow your confidence and don’t be afraid to try different things. Trust in the spell you’re casting and know that the energy you’re sending out will return to you in kind. You’ll find a way of spellcasting that works for you, and you’ll do it flawlessly. We believe in your power; you should too 😉🔮

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