Candle Magick For New Witches

When it comes to “beginner-friendly” spells for new witches, it doesn’t get much better than candle magick. In fact, almost everyone performs candle magick once a year when they blow out the candles on their birthday cake and make a wish. Sometimes magick really is that simple...but that doesn’t mean it isn’t

Candles are considered an essential in almost every witches’ practice for a reason; they can be used to amplify your intentions and send that focused energy into the Universe where it can multiply and manifest. Candle magick is easy to learn, doesn’t require any kind of grand ritual, and can be customized in almost any way to fit your spellcasting needs — making it our number-one pick for witches just starting out. All you need is a candle, a flame, and confidence in your innate power.

Are you ready to start casting? Consider this Candle Magick 101 🕯️

The Basics of Candle Magick

Candles are truly one of the most versatile tools we have as witches. They’ve been used for centuries in many different cultures, religions, and metaphysical practices to connect with the divine and raise energy. Candle magick is powered by the transformative energy of the fire element, which is what you’ll be channeling to jumpstart your manifestations. By focusing on the flame and feeding it with your intentions, you can raise the vibrations needed to turn your “wishes” into a reality. You can also use candle magick to bless a sacred space, honor a deity or ancestors, and when your spirits need a little lift. 

One of the best things about candle magick is just how customizable and accessible it is. You can use any kind of candle to perform the spell; whether it’s a pillar or a pack of birthday candles, all that matters is the flame and your intentions. You can also incorporate carvings, herbs, oils, and crystals into your candle magick to match the energy you’re manifesting. We’ll go into that more in just a minute.

At its core, candle magick is about honoring the sacred flame and using it as the vehicle for our spellcasting. Fire is ancient and powerful; it can burn and consume, but it can also provide us with warmth and safety. When working candle magick, it’s important to honor this duality and trust in the flame’s ability to transform your vibrations into something amazing.

Candle Types and Colors

If there’s one thing we love, it’s versatility, and candle magick delivers just that. You can use any color or shape of candle that you want when it comes to this type of magick. For quick spells that require you to burn the candle all the way down, we would suggest tea lights or chime candles. We like to get packs of white tea lights and small taper candles at the Dollar Tree for these types of castings. Pillar candles are better suited for spells that are performed over several days or as dedicated meditation candles that you can relight each day when it’s time to focus on that particular intention.

Color magick can also play a big part in your candle castings. Wondering what color is best suited for your witchy needs? Here are a few associations to keep in mind when choosing your spell candle:

  • White - Purifying, Cleansing, Protection, Clarity, Healing, and Connection to Your Higher Self. White is also an all-purpose candle and can be used to replace other colors when they’re not available.
  • Black - Absorbing, The Afterlife or Otherworld, Banishing, Binding, Endings, Justice, Release, Psychic Protection. Black candles are great for protective spells and cleansing negative energy from your home.
  • Red - Courage, Assertiveness, Desire, Love, Passion, Motivation, Romance, Strength, Action, and Power. Red candles can be used in spells where you need an extra boost of confidence or ambition.
  • Yellow - Communication, Friendships, Prosperity, Happiness, Inspiration, Intuition, Wisdom, and Travel. We like to use Yellow spells to open up the lines of communication and to encourage harmonious energy.
  • Pink - Acceptance, Self-Love, Compassion, Reconciliation, Healing, Kindness, Love, and Sensuality. Pink candles can be used in your self-care routine to raise loving vibrations and help you be more compassionate with yourself.
  • Green - Abundance, Agriculture, Change, Fertility, Harmony, Luck, Grounding, Longevity, Partnerships, Peace, and Prosperity. An obvious choice for money-based spells, green candles are great when you want to channel abundance into your life.
  • Purple - Astral Projection, Psychic Powers, Enlightenment, Spiritual Development, Psychic Protection, Emotions, Imagination, Power, Spirituality, Truth, and Wisdom. Purple is the color of witches, after all, so it makes sense that purple candles are often used in spells involving astral projection or opening your third eye. They’re also great for sacred spaces and meditation!
  • Orange - Abundance, Adaptability, Confidence, Creativity, Courage, Vitality, Freedom, Goals, Positivity, Pleasure, and Strength. Orange candles are great to keep on your work desk or around your crafting station so that you can keep that creative energy flowing freely.
  • Blue - Honesty, Trust, Communication, Dreamwork, Sleep, Wisdom, Leadership, Justice, Career, and Healing. Blue is calming and increases spiritual awareness, making it a great choice for spells involving dreamwork and healing.
  • Silver - Healing, Intuition, Divination, Psychic Powers, Purification, Feminine Energy, Success. Silver candles are perfect for Sea, Moon, and Star Magic. They can also be used to honor The Goddess.
  • Gold - Abundance, Fortune, Ambitions, Positivity, Happiness, Creativity, Divination, Power, Influence, Masculine Energy. Gold is often used in candle magick that involves the Sun or God energy.

Simple Candle Magick Ritual

Candle magick doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have a candle, something to light it with, and clear intentions - you’re ready to go. The most basic candle spell is to simply visualize your goal, light the candle, and focus on the flame to raise your energy. That’s the kind of ritual we’ll be working on here.

Start with focusing on what you want to bring into your life. Be as specific as possible while also remaining realistic and positive. If you’re not specific with your intentions, there might be some wonky results from the casting. Whether it’s finding a new job or asking for general blessings, the number-one thing to remember is to be clear with your focus. For some witches, it helps to create a chant or mantra that can be used in their candle spell to channel their intentions. Everyone practices differently, though, so do whatever resonates with your spirit. Just be confident in your casting.

The next step is to “dress” your candle. This will help tie your psychic vibrations into the wax while also amplifying the energies that you’re going to manifest. To dress your candle, start by rubbing it with oil. You can use olive, coconut, or even almond oil for this part. The direction you rub the oil onto the candle will change depending on what the purpose of your spell is — top to bottom will draw energy towards you while bottom to top will send energy away. Visualize your intentions and goals clearly. Pour all of that energy into the candle with each swipe of oil.

Now that the candle has been anointed with oil, you can choose herbs and crystals that correspond with the energy you’re manifesting. For instance, if you’re casting a self-love spell, you could crush up roses and jasmine then roll the anointed candle into the herbal mix to embody those loving vibes. You can also carve names, runes, or symbols into the candle if they’re relevant to your spell. Carve or cover your candle in whatever calls to you; trusting your intuition during this part is crucial.

After dressing your candle and imbuing it with your intentions, it’s time to cast your spell. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Light the candle and picture your goal as if it has already happened. How do you feel at that moment? What does it look like? Focus on your intentions and keep this clear mental image at the forefront as you focus on the flame. Visualize the flame getting bigger and bigger, surrounding you with transformative light. You’ll start to feel the energy in the room rise. If it resonates with you, say your intention out loud or repeat your mantra as you focus on the flame.

Now picture the light of the flame expanding beyond your room, beaming out into the universe in full brilliance. Call your blessings to you and invite positivity into your space. Remain open-minded and confident in your casting, trusting in the Universe to manifest those blessings into your life. Hold this vision in your mind’s eye for as long as you can. When you feel your energy starting to dim, put the candle out or let it burn down to completion. Congratulations, your spell has been cast!

When it comes to candle spells, there really is no right or wrong way. Practice in whatever way calls to you, and use the magick of fire to transform your intentions into a reality. Happy casting, witchlings 🔥

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