Faery Magick Crystals

Want a nearly foolproof way to attract the Fae into your magickal practice? Look no further than one of Mother Earth’s greatest gifts: healing crystals! Gems, crystals, stones...whatever you want to call them, using these tools to commune with the Faery Realm can help you build a solid relationship with the Fae, as well as invite their abundant wisdom and blessings into your daily life. They can be used to balance our spirit, bring us back in tune with the frequency of the faeries, and aid in channeling intense energy for rituals. By using crystals associated with Faery Magick, you’ll be better equipped to tap into their realm and able to connect with the good folk on a deeper, ethereal level. While all crystals and stones have magickal abilities, some are more receptive than others when it comes to attracting the Fae. These include Amethyst, Staurolite, and Clear Quartz. It honestly depends on what Fae spirit you’re working with, as well as their individual taste. When it comes to Faery Magick, there’s a lot of trial-and-error! Here are a few of my absolute favorite Faery Magick crystals that you can try if you want to attract these beautiful beings into your life:


Renowned for its ability to call the Fae, this stone is connected to heart chakra and associated with prophecy. Using this stone in your practice helps when communicating with beings from other realms and enhances your relationship with the elementals. Prehnite’s power goes through the roof if used while in deep meditation, such as visiting your home in the Faery Realm or petitioning the Tuatha De Danann. I personally love this stone because of its deep green color, which helps me connect with the earthy nature of the Faeries and tap into the serenity of the Faery Realm. It’s basically my go-to when I need to phone my Faery guide from the other side, and I like to think that’s due to the mossy vibes I get from Prehnite. Its energy is also very protective, which is helpful when exploring the Faery Realm in general.

Herkimer Diamonds

I’m not a diamond girl, but I am obsessed with these babies. Known as “Fairy Diamonds”, these incredibly clear and powerful gems are naturally double-terminated and look like they were made of the morning dew from a flower in the Faery Realm. They’re drops of clear magick, and many witches use Herkimer Diamonds for the tips of their wands in order to channel Faery Magick in their rituals. You can also place them in the windows of your home to attract the Fae and let them know that you are open to their messages. Another amazing tidbit about Herkimer Diamonds is that they are one of the best energizing crystals around, and you’ll need that extra energy to tap into the high frequencies of the Fae. They add an extra signal boost to your intentions, and I’ve found that placing these diamonds into crystal grids is like adding firecrackers to my spellwork -- it pops off.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an all-around perfect stone, but did you know it can help you when performing Faery Magick? Its protective and purifying properties can help you stay grounded while in the Faery Realm, where you’re more likely to become disoriented or lost. You can also use Black Tourmaline when trying to make direct contact with the Fae, which will lessen the chances of you running into a malevolent Faery spirit during divination. Personally, I love to have Black Tourmaline on hand when I’m doing deep meditations into the Faery Realm because it keeps me calm and focused; I feel more in control of my etheric self and can more easily let go of the physical when I’m using this stone. I can trust in the purifying abilities of this stone and know that I won’t come into contact with energy I don’t want to if I’m using it.


Faeries love creative energy and fostering abundance, which is why they take such a liking to Citrine. I’ve found that the Fae are really attracted to its bright and warm energy, and every time that I’ve used this crystal in my summertime rituals, the Fae immediately pop up and start making noise. I believe they love and care for Citrine so much because it helps us stay positive and motivated, which calls to their own lively natures. Fun fact: this crystal is known to help witches connect with the Royal Faeries, who can assist you in abundance spellwork. Using Citrine in these types of rituals will let them know that you are open to receiving Faery blessings. It’s also self-cleaning, which is an amazing feat in itself. Citrine takes the negative energy and transmutes it into higher, more positive frequencies that resonate more deeply with the Fae. How cool is that?

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is not only gorgeous to look at, but it’s also a high-frequency powerhouse with the ability to connect with other realms. It’s my favorite protective stone by far and has come in handy more than once when dealing with some of the more “tricky” Fae. Smoky Quartz was sacred to the ancient Druids from Scotland, who called it the Stone of Power, who worked closely with the Faeries of Scotland. Since my ancestry is mostly Scottish and Irish, I use this stone often to remember the Faery roots that I came from so that I can easily access that part of myself when meditating. This multipurpose crystal can keep you grounded during shadow work and protected while performing Faery Magick, and it’s also amazing to have around for transmuting negative energy. It acts as a shield while you work with the Fae, keeping you safe and surrounded by surrounding you in beneficial faery light.

Lists are fine and all, but this is by no means a complete collection of crystals that the fae will be attracted to. Although these are some of my favorites, not all faeries are the same and while some will like shiny clear crystals, others may like petrified wood or hag stones. Some will only accept pure crystals from the Earth, while others I’ve encountered specifically asked for man-made creations such as Goldstone. I simply listen to the Fae and let them guide me when choosing crystals. If you feel called to a particular crystal, stone, or even metal...grab it! Listen to what your Fae are asking for and pay attention to what catches your eye. Is there a particular gem that you can’t stop thinking of? That’s probably the fae asking for a new stone to enjoy! They will intuitively guide you to the crystals that they enjoy the most if you heed their call 🧚

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