How To Attract The Fae

How To Attract The Fae

The fae might not always show themselves to us, but that’s not to say they aren’t there. These wonderfully bright beings are constantly working their magick behind-the-scenes, and if you approach them with respect and a childhood sense of wonder, they might just give you a hand in your own spells!

Welcoming The Good Folk

The number one key to attracting the fae is actually pretty simple: acknowledge their presence. When you start the day, say good morning and offer them a small bit of milk or cream as you make your coffee. Greet them as you water your plants and create enchanted little nooks around your home to give them a space of their own. Household fae love offerings that are left out for them at night, especially gifts of bread or milk. Mine are especially fond of honey drizzled over fresh berries, and I always pour them the first cup of tea out of every pot. My point is, if you make it cozy and let them know that you appreciate and welcome their presence in your home, they will return the energy in kind.

Another tip when attracting the fae is to keep your space clean and tidy. The fae aren’t a fan of anything that might block the flow of their energy, and they may be chaotic but a lot of them (such as the tomte) don’t like messes. With that said, they’ll throw little fae parties if you fill your home with as many plants as possible. That’s not clutter to them -- it’s atmosphere.

Get Plantin’

If there’s one thing the fae love, it’s greenery. They thrive in natural environments, so the more plant life that you offer them around your home, the more likely they will be to visit. So which ones attract the most fae? Here’s a quick list of the ones my household fae go crazy for:

The fae will love all kinds of plants, though, so whatever calls to you and your household spirits is what you should plant. They’ll be just as in love with a succulent as they will with a peony. Just start planting! If you’re a city witch without a lot of space, get some shade-loving plants for the balcony or window-sill. Trust me, you’ll see the fae pop in for a visit in no time at all.

Time To Meditate

Last but not least: take the time each day to meditate on the faery realm and talk to the fae. It doesn’t have to be for very long; my daily talks with the fae usually only last for ten minutes in our time…but it feels much longer when you’re actually meditating. Here’s a peek into my daily meditation routine: Light a floral or woodsy incense, put on some calming flute music, and lay down on the floor. Taking a few deep breaths, open your heart and third eye to the energy of the fae. Envision yourself walking down a forest path that opens up into an overgrown courtyard, where a small pond awaits in the middle. Politely greet the fae and thank them for the blessings they’ve shared with you while sit by the small pond. Stare into the waters and look for signs from the fae, or listen to the forest around you for their movement. Spend time each day meditating in this sacred mind-palace, and get comfortable in this meditative state. In this place, they can easily send messages to you. The more time you spend meditating in this gathering place and letting the fae know that you're open to their wisdom, the more messages you will receive. If you ever feel uncomfortable traveling to the faery realm, hold a protective stone such as black tourmaline or tigers eye while you meditate.

If you follow some of these tips, you might be surprised by who stops in for a visit. Have you had any faery visitors lately? Let us know in the comments!

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